CROSS OVER dribling je košarkaški manevar u kojem igrač vodeći je, loptu prebacuje brzo iz jedne ruke u drugu, radi nagle promene pravca. Atraktivnost i efikasnost ovog driblinga je razlog zašto je nač kamp dobio svoje ime.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Tolerance and cooperation


Looking at the Adriatic League and the problems it faces, we gathered this team of respected people , in order to more easily implement program tolerance and cooperation, because the big names in sport are overcoming borders and national and religious barriers .

Our camp represents gathering of young players and their coaches from Serbia , Kosovo and Metohija ( Serbian and Albanian part) , Albania, Croatia , FYR Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina , Romania, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Cyprus... The program involves emphasizing common values ​​, tolerance and, most importantly, the establishment of cooperation between athletes of different cultures, religions and nations.

Professional work is something that cannot be denied, and where the differences come down to those who know and those who do not know. And those who know there are at all "sides ". In this way, we show athletes and coaches in the region that only through cooperation can lead to a result, and divides at the national level  can only have a negative impact on the quality of work and sports results .

In second part will be organized gathering in spare time, the parties, walks, going to the pool , as well as a workshop that will demonstrate how cooperation in the region has a positive impact on other areas of life .


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