CROSS OVER dribling je košarkaški manevar u kojem igrač vodeći je, loptu prebacuje brzo iz jedne ruke u drugu, radi nagle promene pravca. Atraktivnost i efikasnost ovog driblinga je razlog zašto je nač kamp dobio svoje ime.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019



Basketball is one of the most popular, but also the most developed sport on the Balkans. Basketball tradition is rich, and the trophies that were won and are still winning by players from the former Yugoslavia and its successors and Greece can hardly be counted.

This tradition should be kept by transferring knowledge for generations to come.

Our program emphasizes the proper development of young players. That's why we want to bring together coaches and children from the area of the Balkan and European countries, no meter if they are “basketball nations" or without great tradition in this sport. Because, something can be learned from any person. We want that coaches and children work together and overcome tolerance and turn it into a friendship. On the one hand, these connections helping continuous exchange of experiences, constantly improves the quality of work with children and young people, and the quality of children's relationships. Making friends is the foundation for every young man, because if they have good connections with people, they will help him whether he played basketball tomorrow or not.

Exchange of experiences from different backgrounds contributes to a faster improvement of quality. Regardless of the conflicting opinions about the existence of the Adriatic League, it has raised the quality of the results. We know that Partizan played the final four, that Cibona is a regular participant in the Euro league, Olimpija won trophy led by Serbian basketball expert, Džikić , the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia was fourth at the European Championships ...

On the other hand, we have football and total lack of co-operation, so for each club of the countries of the former Yugoslavia, entering in a European competition is a huge success. A trophies they  do not dream off.

Our idea is cooperation, but also proper development of young players.

Unfortunately, many coaches today, in order to impress parents, who are the major funders of youth teams, justify their work by creating a "children champions " This means that in the front of the proper development of young players, which should be the main motivation of coach, they put the results in the junior categories, which should justify the invested assets of parents, but also to encourage them for further investments.

Unfortunately, these results are often achieved through shortcuts. By using children who have reached puberty earlier, technically inadequate shot is tolerated, misbehavior of children who bring a result is tolerated, children who, although working properly but have not yet reached the required physical qualities are neglected. There are many more examples. And what happens when the kids come in junior and senior age? "Early adolescent" who soon be reached and most often overtaken by their peers, are disappointed in most cases to give up basketball. Users of irregular shot realize that it is ineffective in a situation where all athletes are physically, those whose "behavior” tolerated have a problem with socialization ... So kids champions remain children and never become good players in the senior age, when in fact they need to be champions . And who except parents or grandparents, remembered children champs?

We want to help coaches and children to understand that it is important that children learn to be champions at right time, though ones that does not become champions, become stable and emotionally healthy persons, to explain to parents that the proper and gradual development of the child what is most important , and that development is a long process, and at this age the results should be in the background, that  the kids do not need to understand basketball as "to be or not to be" but rather as a beautiful game, as it is .

Come with us to play, learn and become true champions.


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