CROSS OVER dribling je košarkaški manevar u kojem igrač vodeći je, loptu prebacuje brzo iz jedne ruke u drugu, radi nagle promene pravca. Atraktivnost i efikasnost ovog driblinga je razlog zašto je nač kamp dobio svoje ime.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Accommodation and facilities

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Sports camp and students hotel Artem in Kragujevac , is one of the most modern in Serbia . Hotel is located in a quiet suburb, only a kilometer away from the bus and railway stations. Artem has 105 double and triple rooms with a total capacity of 301 beds. All rooms have a bathroom and a telephone. By reconstruction of the space in the rooms and adaptations made ​​during the last two years were obtained: - 66 rooms with shared (one bathroom per two rooms) duplex bath, 23 rooms with private bathrooms and 19 rooms in the attic storey with shared bathroom and toilet. Rooms on the top floor are air-conditioned.

Support facilities in Artema are:Courts

- Seven air-conditioned classrooms;

- Kitchen with modern equipment for food preparation (HACCP standard);

- Dining room dining with 110 seats;

- Library with 8100 books;

- The computer room and media center with 16 computers connected to the Internet;

- TV room which can also be used for presentations and training analysis as it is has a TV screen with a diagonal of 150 cm

- Vans for transport

- Parking

- Storage space

- Room for washing and ironing

Student home has a large yard with total area of ​​1.2 ha

In the courtyard area, which is partially enclosed by hedges, except green spaces that are regularly maintained, rose garden, ornamental fountains, lighted area with benches, there are sports facilities.

Sports facilities are what make this place a sports camp during the summer months:

- Multi-purpose air dome is covered with the most advanced base - original Gerflor, ideal for trainings and competitions in all team and individual sports. In the hall there is an electronic scoreboard, and small electronic scoreboards, on the baskets with the most modern structure. On a side strain is a platform with a cafe, which is ideal for viewing and analyzing the flow of training and matches. Dressing rooms are brand new, with hot water showers. In the very hall there is a room for storing sports equipment.

Open ground is completely covered with tartan mass that provides ideal conditions for training , but also helps prevent injuries. The terrain is full of handball dimensions, and it was drawn two courts for basketball. In addition to the field, there is a covered summer classroom.

Athletes can use a large brick hall of handball dimensions, the new Gerflor surface and seating for about 800 observers. This hall is located within the gymnasium, 70 feet of yard Artem.

There are several concrete courts for handball and basketball.

Small aerobics room is located in the building and has a mirror and LCD screen, which can be ideal for the correction techniques.

The gym is a little smaller in size but has all the equipment for the training of athletes.

All fields are lit in floodlights, so there is no time limit on the use of them.

The entire area used by athlete is covered by video surveillance.

Across the street, opposite to the complex is a small Kragujevačko Lake, which has its own track and is ideal for training in nature.

In the immediate vicinity is the large hall “Jezero” with capacity of 6000 seats, as well as football fields of oldest football club – Šumadija.


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