CROSS OVER dribling je košarkaški manevar u kojem igrač vodeći je, loptu prebacuje brzo iz jedne ruke u drugu, radi nagle promene pravca. Atraktivnost i efikasnost ovog driblinga je razlog zašto je nač kamp dobio svoje ime.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Cross Over 2015


Through four year of existence CROSS OVER camp welcomed more than 1500 athletes from Slovenia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Canada, Austria, Cyprus, Switzerland, Montenegro, Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Poland, Bosnia and Serbia…

International basketball camp CROSS OVER continues to emphasize the healthy and proper development of young players. Therefore, we are gathering athletes and coaches from many different basketball schools, in order to reach a higher level of basketball knowledge through exchange of experiences. Our goal is to present principals of the old Yugoslav basketball school, which has brought so many great players the basketball world.

CROSS OVER Camp 2015 shifts:

June 22 – July 01 – at ARTEM sports complex

July 02 – July 11 – at ARTEM sports complex

July 12 – July 21 – at ARTEM sports complex

July 22 – July 31 – at ARTEM sports complex

 August 01– August 10 – at Hotel ŠUMARICE sports copmlex

August 10 – August 19 – at Hotel ŠUMARICE sports copmlex


CROSS OVER is located in Kragujevac city. In addition to the excellent and new basketball courts, excellent conditions for accommodation and food, the reason is that the city as a regional center provides safety and security for all participants. On the other side, the city offers excellent conditions for the efficient use of leisure time. Young players will enjoy the party in the accommodation area, organized trips to the city swimming pool, Water Park, lake and a park Šumarice, visit an aquarium, a museum and a modern amusement park Arena.


The camp is continuing work guided by one of the leading professionals in Europe in a field of working with young basketball players - Prof. Dr. Nenad Trunić. 

Professor Ph.D. Nenad Trunić

Experts Team Manager

Professional instructor in FIBA ​​EUROPE COACHING program

Professor of basketball at the College of Sport in Belgrade


These basketball stars which met campers in past four years:

Rick Mahorn  - “Bad Boy” of Detroit Pistons NBA champion – USA, Raško Katić, Saragosa – Spain, Jelena Milovanovic, Washington Mystics WNBA - USA, Danilo Andjušić, Bilbao Basket – Spain, Djordje Drenovac, Igokea – Bosnia&Herzegovina, Dejan Musli, Partizan Belgrade, Uroš Nikolić, Turov  - Poland


CROSS OVER provided individual work with top coaches for players in all positions, in addition to the daily program. Additional training will be organized once a day with the participation of 1 to a maximum of 3 players in the group, and emphasis will be placed on the elements of the techniques that players want to improve.

Price of the individual program is paid an extra 90 euro more than the price of the camp.


ARTEM sports complex

Multi-purpose hall is covered with modern surface - Gerflor original, and is ideal for training and competition. Outdoor courts are fully covered with tartan mass which provides ideal conditions for training, but also helps prevent injuries. There is also aerobics room, small gym, air-conditioned classrooms, etc. All courts are illuminated by reflectors.

Artem sports complex is located in the one of the most modern student facilities in Serbia, in a quiet and green suburb. Artem has 55 completely renovated double and triple rooms with private baths and 50 double and triple duplex rooms that share one bathroom.



Multi-purpose hall is covered with parquetry. Outdoor courts are fully covered with tartan mass, and most of the day in the shade. In addition there is a big and modern gym and outdoor fitness track through the woods.

Hotel “Šumarice” is a distinguished hotel, located in the mid of the Memorial park, 3 km from the city center. Hotel is built in line with a traditional Sumadija’s architecture, located in an intact nature and deep silence of deciduous and coniferous forest.
Rooms in 3 star hotel “Šumarice” offer the level of amenities found in 4 star hotels: air-conditioned with phone and internet connection, TV, mini bar, luxury bathroom...


Meals are on full board basis with a selection of different dishes for breakfast and lunch and fruit and sweets in addition.


All participants will receive a set of official equipment consisting of an upper and lower part of the basketball jersey and another T-shirts.

All coaches will receive a hard copy of Prof. Ph.D. Nenad Trunić’s program and coaching shirts. 


225 EURO at ARTEM sports complex

265 EURO at Hotel ŠUMARICE sports copmlex

Excellent conditions for coaches! 

Camp price includes nine full boards (three meals), a set of equipment, training and organization of professional work. There is the option of paying in monthly installments. 

Info:  +381652009047, +381616536177

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